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Overview Providing metropolitan Dubai with first class building consulting over a range of services that focuses on defect identification and documentation to property owners and tenants. Building on the knowledge from the remedial building industry, FMtk Technical Works is able to provide a unique range of services which provides all PROPERTY SOLUTIONs UNDER ONE ROOF. We are well equipped and established experts in property inspections and in technical skills to offer prompt inspections reports, restoration estimates and its Fix-it Man services to complete the required renovation/ beautification task within the stipulated time frame.
Moving inspection This extremely valuable service is provided to Private owners, Owner’s Associations, and corporate bodies when preparing to receive the handover of a property from moving out Tenant or preparing to handover the property to new Tenant . We provide a detailed report on the status of the property which can then be shared with the other party to address the issues identified prior to final signature.
Completion Reports FMtk provides Residential and Commercial building Completion Reports to a new buyer. Prior to moving into your new property or taking a final handover, ensure that defects have been recorded by an experienced eye and alteration can be made before you sign on final possession papers from builder or existing property owner.
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