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Overview We do undertake General Repair Maintenance to Annual maintenance contracts (AMC). We are specialized in custom homes, office additions, renovations and repair maintenance. Our Fmtk Fix-it-man understands the value of your investment in home or office infrastructure and how it needs to be maintained right from minor work like drilling to major work like making a bed, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, Gypsum Partition, Gypsum Ceiling, Flooring / Wall Tiles and Marble fixing.
Residential Services FMtk has a wide range of options and price ranges so that your family can get exactly what they want. We repair and restore any kind of furniture including Antique, Upholstery, Leather Frames, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, wardrobes, Gypsum Partition, Gypsum Ceiling, Flooring / Wall Tiles, Marble fixing and furniture mechanism etc.
Commercial Services FMtk has an expert and well trained inhouse team of carpenters who understands the sensitivity of Retail brand image and corporate reputation. When the furniture and fixtures in your offices, showrooms, conference rooms and hospitality areas begin to show signs of wear and tear, your company's image can be tarnished. FMtk can help you protect and maintain the professional image that clients admire and employees respect.
Disaster Restore Contact FMtk if you’ve experienced any water damage, fire damage, vandalism or any other kind of disaster. We will make your furniture and fixture look great again. FMtk has skilled professionals who can give your customers' cherished pieces years of newly restored life. Our repair and restoration techniques can typically return damaged furnishings to pre-loss condition, which can actually be less expensive than replacement. We provide a quick response, a clear description of the restoration process and detailed reports. Our goal is to restore property as quickly and efficiently as possible to help ensure life can get back to normal for your customers
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