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Overview Plumbing Task needs knowledge and a special skill-set to identify the existing infrastructure and work accordingly – Our experienced Fix-it Man understand these better. “A Electrician and a Plumber need to be chosen with care – Why? Any mistake committed by them may remain concealed behind your walls and can cause heavy damages and leave ugly marks".So be rest assured, you can find such Fix-it-man only here at FMtk Technical Works.
Leak Repair Of all the problems that can quickly arise in your home, a water leak has got to be one of the worst. Let a tiny leak go can cost you thousands of Dirham for repairs, from damaged wallboard, carpeting, wood floors, furniture, and more. At FMtk, we are pros at fixing leaking pipes. But what really saves you money is that we’re also unbelievable at detecting water leaks before they become big trouble.
Water Heater Whether you need a repair or simply the installation of a new one, FMtk Service Experts in Dubai can get the job done. Our highly skilled plumbing technicians can do any water heater repair. Plus, we know how each make and model works, and can get the job done quickly and professionally. As with most appliances, routine maintenance keeps them performing well, and water heaters are no different.
Drain & Other repairs Drains can get clogged pretty easily over time. While they’re designed to carry away the dirt and grime (or in the case of your kitchen sink, the chunks of food that were hacked to small pieces in the garbage disposal), these guys get heavily used and abused. It doesn’t take long for the dirt, the grime, the fuzzies and food all start to build up and lodge themselves together…and there you have it: the drain won’t drain. Backed-up water in either the bathroom or the kitchen can be stinky, sludgy, and really horrible to deal with. In the bathroom, where standing water in the sink or tub can be unsanitary, store-bought products and plungers don’t always work and can sometimes damage your pipes. We can get those drains working to their maximum potential quickly. It doesn’t have to be a tough decision – a drain cleaning by our Plumbing Tecnicians is an easy, simple and fast fix.
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