AC Repair & Electrical Maintenance


Annual Maintenance Contract Keep your air conditioning unit functioning throughout the year with no problems. Our preventive maintenance services ensure that routine checks and repair are performed to immediately identify and resolve problems. AMC include unlimited emergency and non-emergency call outs
AC Duct Cleaning Make sure you breathe fresh air by keeping your air conditioning ducts clean.
AC General Maintenance Stop the hot summer from spoiling your air conditioning units by using our general maintenance. We check for irregular noice, clean electrical components and clean the drain lines.
HVAC Maintenance HVAC maintenance keep mechanical systems working well during the life of the building.
Compressor and Evaporator Maintenance Replace the core components of your air conditioning unit to keep it fresh and clean.
Electrical Repairs and Maintenance Serv... We have experienced HammerHeads in Dubai who can resolve electrical maintenance tasks including load balancing, troubleshooting, repairing and installing electrical fixtures and making electrical connections.
Home Wiring Keep your home neat without wires dangling over the walls.
Trunking and Ethernet Wiring Make sure to have internet connectivity throughout your home.
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